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I'm a UX designer with a background in Holistic Nutrition & Personal Training. I have lived in many different cities like Geneva, Switzerland, Bermuda, Toronto, Canada, London U.K. and Los Angeles, California. 

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My Story

  It's always been very important to me to have a rich and fulfilling life, and that means I hold the same standards for others to have an opportunity to experience one as well.


  My interest into UX Design developed because I learned that it is a modern and creative job that is completely social. Where you can make practical creative choices that serve the client and users, which for me brings purpose and value. 


  I have a history in voice acting and holistic nutrition, personal training and mediation teaching. After 6 years I wanted more from the freelancing jobs I was getting despite thoroughly enjoying my choices. I am very used to new challenges and working around flexible schedules and people's unique preferences. I love being a part of creating a better future for someone. 

  In my spare time I love walking my dog. We go to the Malibu beaches or the hiking trails off of Mulholland Drive on weekends. I spend time with friends either at the Silver Lake Farmer's Market or going to a concert, performing at a comedy club together, or going to a Mexican restaurant usually for their margaritas. 

  My next hobby is to learn Italian and cook. I will learn the cooking part from my new Italian boyfriend, and the language, most likely from podcasts I'll listen to while driving and getting stuck in traffic to make the road rage a little more fun. 

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